Thursday, December 14, 2006

I opened my big mouth..

I worry in my previous post about a Demo going down and look what happens within hours. A quote on the situation from EV with a nice quip at the end.
Sen. Tim Johnson (D-SD) fell ill yesterday with stroke-like symptoms and
was taken to George Washington University Hospital where he was operated on. His
sudden illness is not only a medical emergency, but also a political emergency.
If he is in danger of dying, he will no doubt be hooked up to life-sustaining
medical equipment, in which case a video tape of him could be made and send to
Dr. Bill Frist for a diagnosis. Frist, a former heart surgeon and former
senator, has extensive experience in telling whether people are alive or dead by viewing videotapes of them.

Maybe if I worry about money falling out of the sky...

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Can you think of anything in the last five years you think Congress should be proud of?

I caught Lincoln Chafee on daily show reruns last night trying to answer this question. I watched the whole episode on the internet and I really don’t understand why he stayed with the republicans . He seemed like a reasonable guy but a RINO is still a republican and that meant status quo in terms of leadership. Who knows? Right now one of those old demo bastards in a red state might die and we might be screwed anyway. In all fairness to Lincoln’s resounding lack of response, the enormous screwups make anything positive seem insignificant and, consequently, forgettable.

I went to a sports bar to meet the brothers’ Zippin and had Two Cokes while I was watching the first half of the Jets game on sunday. I try to do this to avoid getting saused on a worknight. While I recognize that I look like a punk in front of the frat crowd at the bar I am to old to care anymore. Anyway, I finished my burger and left the bar around 6. I couldn’t fall asleep until one. My heart was racing insanely. I always wondered why, as a teenager, I had such trouble falling asleep. I am starting to think it has something to do with all the soda I drank. It used to be at least a can a night and sometimes as much as a liter.

Oh and yes the Jets looked horrible.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

When my hair grows out....

I pretty much am keeping my hair really short right now. I use ed's beard trimmer and put it on 3/8" of an inch every couple weeks. I never used to get it cut this short because I was afraid of being called a weird, a skinhead, or exposing the childhood scar on the top of my head. I guess I was called weird anyway so i guess i was worried about being called more weird.

So now I know I am weird, nobody thinks I am a skinhead, and the scar gives me character. Additionally, the hair doesn't freeze or get messed up when I wear a hat-- which is every day. It also a lot cheaper than getting 40 dollar haircuts every 6 weeks

The photos above show the potential dynamics of future long hair phase. Notice the two unique looks with the same length hair. The pictures are from my 1992 european vacation with Grandma. I may even start wearing the clothing style too.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Axles of Evill

I had a dream last night that I was in a new bike shop which opened up around the corner from me. The name of the shop was thus. This has gotten me thinking that Axis's of Evill would probably work just as well.

Axes of Evill -- A tool shops shop in the east village. I dont think they would sell much too firefighters.

Exes of Evill -- People I have dated who are known to frequent the east village. Probably the most fitting.

I think this all came to my mind because on the job on thursday, I thought my boss said a competitor was opening a new firm called Axis of Evil. I said out loud that that sounded like a horrible idea. Apparently he said something completely different like Cantor Seinuk Associates. We ended up having a meeting at the top of the rock with the client.

I want to thank Marietta for the advice about the toys. However, I think that if I am not going to get them anything essentially new york than I might as well wait until I get to the mall in MN I have a week before x-mas when I am out there. Unfortunately, there is no toys R us in the mall.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Bush Clinton Bush Clinton

It is rather uninspiring prospect. It doesn’t really seem like a level playing field. Are all the most electable people really related to each other? I am tired of rooting for people mostly because the alternative is some super evil person. Stewart/Colbert '08?

A couple of nice shots from the wedding. Can you tell which one I am? Somehow my pants wrinkle the quickest.

For your consideration was horrible. It is a shame because the other guest/levy films have been so good.

What type of gifts do you get for a 5, 2, and 0 Year old who live in Minneapolis?

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Fun with Disks

Quote from a big red friend.

This is why I don't like sitting next to the engine when I fly. The disk broke out of its own engine, went through the bottom of the fuselage, and almost went completely through the engine on the other wing. This happened during a ground test a short while after the passengers disembarked from a JFK to LAX flight. Thankfully, no one was hurt and it was a GE engine

At 1230 PM, Friday, June 2, 2006 at LAX. American Airlines Boeing 767 doing a high power engine run had a #1 engine HPT failure. HPT let go and punctured left wing, #2 engine, peppered fuselage and set fire to the aircraft. The turbine disk exits the engine and slices through the aircraft belly and lodges in the outboard side of the #2 engine.

Friday, March 31, 2006

Interpretive Posting

Let me interpret a polite response to an internet exchange about a planned dinner get-together on the upper east side near our friend.

Saigon Grill is pretty good I Like it. It's very low key But Dave probably wont like it and no frills Dave definitely wont like it, but the food is good.

I'm up for anything, and honestly, I don't mind traveling(thanks, though, Em).
The upper east side is a giant pit of blandness in the varied metropolis of NYC. Any chance to leave this culturally barren land, however trivial and unreasonably cumbersome, will be seized upon to flee before the vacuum of suckiness which is the UES implodes upon itself.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Negin Party and Boat Party

Ebi and I made an awesome S.O.A.P. Theme T shirt, which we havent photographed. And the Boat party went Swimmingly Too. Here is an awesomely BAD Photo of Junior and a much better one of Me and RK -- at least its better of her. Hopefully I will get some more photos soon and expound on what we did.

The Short List

Because I told somebody - I would post it... If you dont think the premise is funny, PLEASE Skip entire entry.

Here are a few of the rules to not loosing your dreams and not becoming pussified:

1. Women that want to have a man that they can dominate and pussify should stay away from men that have balls.

2. Men do not need steady girlfriends and/or wife to get laid.

3. Don't let yourself become pussy whipped by thinking you need a steady girlfriend to get laid regularly or as you need and want to get laid. You just need to get a game that gets you laid regularly by no specific dream sucker bitch .

3. Woman are dream killers!

4. They kills the dreams in many ingenious and devious ways. (They don't want you to take that trip or spend that time on that project. They want all the attention and time that is extra for their objectives.)

5. Women are attention whores.

6. Women always are going to try and suck a guy into the importance of "commitment" for their own benefit.

7. The ways they do this are plotting, devious and hidden. Even from themselves some times.

8. There is no benefit for a guy to get married. It is only a benefit to the woman. none!

9. Keep improving your carrier and financial condition so you are fully financially independent and have full control of your dreams and financial security... Never even think of sticking with one woman until you have reached this full control condition.

10. Do not let a girl move in to your house ... ever.

11. Do not move in with a girl ...ever.

12. Always keep trolling for more girls to have sex with even when you have dates with other girls.

13. Don't let girls think you are going to stick with just them.

14. Don't spend money on women. 40.00 max per meal. Less is better.

15. Spend time with your friends, sports and carrier. Spend time with girls to have sex and then they go home.

16. Don't bring a girl to your house. Use their house or a hotel.

17. Never trust a girl to have the birth control covered on her end. Never ever ever.

18. Do not talk to girls about your personal information ... let her blab on and on about her crap if she wants to.

19. Hire maid if you want a cleaner house or to be more organized ... don't use a girlfriend.

20. Always have a prenuptial in mind when you are going to make the mistake of getting married ..

21. There are never any mistakes about getting pregnant it's always planned ... girls tell themselves it is something else!

22. Woman always get fat and ugly when you marry them.

23. Woman always nag and get crazier when you commit anything with them.

24. Woman always want to have sex with the guys that treat them like crap and the women reject and pussify the guys that treat them well.

25. Woman do not respect guys that are pussified and "touching their sensitive side". They lie and tell you they do .. but they will have sex for sure with guys that treat them like crap and have there balls intact and their financial condition under control.

How to get a game that is ideal comes later.

This is the short list.

Second And Third Semester

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I ask the question no one dare ask.

What happened to the Quayle? That is the question they dont want you to know about. If the other 194 pellets hit the bird then i think the whole experience was a success for everyone. Darth got his game and the two lobbyist got there sway with the devil. Hell, one of them even got a souveneir from the trip that he can keep close to his heart . As for why it took so long to tell everyone; maybe he spent the 14 hours spending time taking the pellets out of the birds *ss . Maybe he was looking for a delicious dinner recipe. Dont ask so many questions. Go eat your grilled vegetable sandwhich and watch your desperate housewives.

I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises
and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom that I provide, then
questions the manner in which I provide it. I would rather you just said
thank you, and went on your way, Otherwise, I suggest you pick up a weapon,
and stand a post. Either way, I don't give a damn what you think you are entitled to.

Any more questions, I'll be out there waiting for you in the bush.
Mad dog: He was only 20 feet away... it was just like a spray

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Billy Zane and Gary Busey?

How can this movie not be good? Gary busey playing a jewish doctor who steals organs from prisoners to sell. This is awesome. I finished Anna finally on to Brick Lane. I told someone I was in a book club and they asked if it was a women's book club, having overheard the types of books I am reading. My Brain is practically exploding with all these new property blogs zillow, trulia, google base. I figure it will take 6-9 months for everything to figure out which is gonna survive.


The story of the Kentangelous NY experience. So apparently the vinegars are getting married in Turks and Caicos. They created a website for their wedding which describes where they met. I thought it was here but actually its here.)Since I believe they met at my 2000 BBQ. I have tried to get the facts down correct. Of course, I don’t remember all the facts but a little outline follows will fill it in later. Big mama’s BBQ (2000)—thrown with assistance of Rina and Eva. Many hours in -- Drunk Ang attempts to put dog collar ( actually sex collar from Old mans 70’s photo shoots) on many people—including Doug. Most people refuse –including Doug. Ang puts it on kent. Kent refuses by barking like a dog.. Kent is very Drunk. At the going away 2004 BBQ -- rekindling the experience --ang kent puts a collar on kent. Kent resists ang jumps on kent in chair with spiky collar. Chair falls over. Collar scrapes along skull. Kent gets up – still seems drunk – no pain – blood streaming down skull. Get wrap on bandage. Put bandage on head. Get bandage tape -- place it over skull and under chin. He resists. Try harder. Still resists. Everyone lets go. Joe takes off tape. Kent screams. Punches Joe in Groin.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Wild Peglegged Sex Parties.

This happens to me all the time. I feels that my life story has been surrounded by depravity yet somehow I made it through relatively unscathed. In fact in many cases I seem to create the trouble myself. When I told my mom that I was going to berkeley for graduate school and she made a comment referring to the counterculture. It was/is the top program in the nation and 90% percent of the people I knew were dudes.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Carrot top was everywhere in vegas. He was playing at the Luxor and we saw him picking up a chick in a bar called the RED square.. He is all jacked up, and apparently a favorite of the crazy right wing talk show hosts. It was very scary. I wasnt sure who had less melanin in our group him or Ben-wah.

I traveled for 14 hours, was in vegas a total of 36 hours, and slept for a total of 5 hours. In that time I rode a roller coaster ben-wah's old company designed, read 250 pages of anna, and hundreds of dollars for strawberries, chocolate, and napkins.

A tip of the hat to holly for supplying the photos.

Friday, January 27, 2006

I am so tired from vegas...
Before I get into that let me download a couple pictures I took from the field last week.

  1. This one is in the control room of the lift bridge
  2. This one is on 1st ave

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Fun and Exciting Times in the Carribean
A recent email exchange from a fella who just got back from a trip to Haiti, where he was evaluating problems in medical Care.

LL: I am back in the states, safe and sound - attached is a gruesome picture
B: I diagnose it as syphilis. Am I right? Welcome back.
W: I'm guessing, um.....Yaws?
Me: Wow..…. When do we get to meet the future Mrs. LL?
LL: Anytime you're in Haiti i'd be happy to introduce you. She has a sister, but I hear she's ugly

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.

Two years ago I tried to read Ulysses. Got up to page 200 -- then everyone quit. Now, I am supposed to read Anna Karenina but this time there is a “deadline” in two weeks. I have already taken breaks and read The Truth with jokes, The Tipping Point, and Blink, since I started during X-mas. I am on page 350 -- don’t think I am going to make it.
I had trouble sleeping last night. I woke up last night at 3 and realized my room was too hot and dry. So I walked over to the window to let some air in. The windows bottom is about level with my chin which is about level with the sidewalk. I looked out before I opened the window and I saw rats. Three fat rats running down the street and one went into the pit below my window. I have seen a lot more rats recently, maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s the two restaurants nearby, maybe its my neighbor who practically runs a youth hostile in his brownstone. I guess I need to get some rat traps.