Tuesday, February 24, 2009


This was the first year i watched the oscars and enjoyed it in a long time. I also took a nap and skipped the preshow, the intro, and most of the beginning so that may be why...

A couple of notes:

I liked Milk but I didnt feel like Sean Penn aged during the film. Something a little phony about the 10 years which elapsed. Maybe i didnt notice any growth in the character through the whole 2 hours -- Just sort of waiting for him to be shot.

Mickey was great in the wrestler -- and his speech would have been much more entertaining to watch than Sean penn. Ben Kingsley's tribute to him during the wise old elders was extremely awkward. I was cringing on the couch and wanted it to be over.

Almost as uncomfortable was the best song number combination between slumdog and that robot movie. John Legend must have been thinking what the hell am i doing up here with this guy and why do i sound like crap. Ok maybe i was thinking that.

Meryl Streep should have won just to piss everybody else off. Melissa Leo reminded me of LION -

Too bad for Michael Shannon that he looks so much like Christopher Walken. It was weird during the introduction. He really creeped me out in world trade center too.

As much as I wanted to be blown away by slumdog I wasnt. It was a lot of fun but so was goonies. I am pretty sure the academy is trying to appeal to those billion english speakers over there so they can pick up their rubles for the next couple years.

Oh and righteous kill was awful....awful.. It hurts my brain thinking about it.