Friday, March 31, 2006

Interpretive Posting

Let me interpret a polite response to an internet exchange about a planned dinner get-together on the upper east side near our friend.

Saigon Grill is pretty good I Like it. It's very low key But Dave probably wont like it and no frills Dave definitely wont like it, but the food is good.

I'm up for anything, and honestly, I don't mind traveling(thanks, though, Em).
The upper east side is a giant pit of blandness in the varied metropolis of NYC. Any chance to leave this culturally barren land, however trivial and unreasonably cumbersome, will be seized upon to flee before the vacuum of suckiness which is the UES implodes upon itself.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Negin Party and Boat Party

Ebi and I made an awesome S.O.A.P. Theme T shirt, which we havent photographed. And the Boat party went Swimmingly Too. Here is an awesomely BAD Photo of Junior and a much better one of Me and RK -- at least its better of her. Hopefully I will get some more photos soon and expound on what we did.

The Short List

Because I told somebody - I would post it... If you dont think the premise is funny, PLEASE Skip entire entry.

Here are a few of the rules to not loosing your dreams and not becoming pussified:

1. Women that want to have a man that they can dominate and pussify should stay away from men that have balls.

2. Men do not need steady girlfriends and/or wife to get laid.

3. Don't let yourself become pussy whipped by thinking you need a steady girlfriend to get laid regularly or as you need and want to get laid. You just need to get a game that gets you laid regularly by no specific dream sucker bitch .

3. Woman are dream killers!

4. They kills the dreams in many ingenious and devious ways. (They don't want you to take that trip or spend that time on that project. They want all the attention and time that is extra for their objectives.)

5. Women are attention whores.

6. Women always are going to try and suck a guy into the importance of "commitment" for their own benefit.

7. The ways they do this are plotting, devious and hidden. Even from themselves some times.

8. There is no benefit for a guy to get married. It is only a benefit to the woman. none!

9. Keep improving your carrier and financial condition so you are fully financially independent and have full control of your dreams and financial security... Never even think of sticking with one woman until you have reached this full control condition.

10. Do not let a girl move in to your house ... ever.

11. Do not move in with a girl ...ever.

12. Always keep trolling for more girls to have sex with even when you have dates with other girls.

13. Don't let girls think you are going to stick with just them.

14. Don't spend money on women. 40.00 max per meal. Less is better.

15. Spend time with your friends, sports and carrier. Spend time with girls to have sex and then they go home.

16. Don't bring a girl to your house. Use their house or a hotel.

17. Never trust a girl to have the birth control covered on her end. Never ever ever.

18. Do not talk to girls about your personal information ... let her blab on and on about her crap if she wants to.

19. Hire maid if you want a cleaner house or to be more organized ... don't use a girlfriend.

20. Always have a prenuptial in mind when you are going to make the mistake of getting married ..

21. There are never any mistakes about getting pregnant it's always planned ... girls tell themselves it is something else!

22. Woman always get fat and ugly when you marry them.

23. Woman always nag and get crazier when you commit anything with them.

24. Woman always want to have sex with the guys that treat them like crap and the women reject and pussify the guys that treat them well.

25. Woman do not respect guys that are pussified and "touching their sensitive side". They lie and tell you they do .. but they will have sex for sure with guys that treat them like crap and have there balls intact and their financial condition under control.

How to get a game that is ideal comes later.

This is the short list.

Second And Third Semester