Thursday, May 17, 2007

Googling your Dad

This is news to me, I thought he was a stamp collector. :) Seriously, I forgot that this book was coming out. I just ordered a copy, its in the mail. I may even check out the strand and see if they have a copy this weekend. I guess this is what happens if you dont google the old man for a while.

... But most revealing is the chapter on "Real-Sex Pioneer Peter Wolff: Livin' La Vida Lobo" by Jaccoma.

Wolff was Hanson's mentor and responsible for the launch of dozens of classic titles, including Bachelor and Ace! (1972), High Society (1975), Cheri (1976), Partner (1978), and Adult Cinema Review (1980). His last work was Oui (1981), and his parting words to his readers: "We're just a bunch of average guys (and dolls), but we're having WAY more fun than you are."

This was no idle boast. Overweight, unkempt, a compulsive gambler and drinker, Wolff still managed to have sex with most of his models thanks to his wit and charm. But he was less appealing to his publisher bosses. Even though his magazines were constantly innovative and, more important to the brass, profitable, he was fired from Gallery, for example, because he insisted on publishing readers' naked photographs of their wives. After Wolff was let go, the reader response was so overwhelmingly positive to his sexy swansong that the feature was brought back as part of a continuing section, "Girl Next Door," which remains a staple of the magazine today.
More googling leads too..

MICHELLE: Where did you land next?
I went to work on a magazine called Partner with a man named Peter Wolff, who was my true mentor in this business. He had done Bachelor, Dude, Topper, Caper ... Like me, he was a hippie pornographer. He was a child prodigy who had graduated high school at fifteen, got his college degree by eighteen, and his master's by twenty. He was an excellent writer and journalist, but completely obsessed with pornography. Peter was the first person to recognize the importance of reader participation in pornographic magazines, when he ran amateur pictures of readers' wives.
MICHELLE: He understood the readers' urge to share.
Peter would say, "These pictures are better than the ones we're running. Here are genuine women who clearly like sex ­ smiling at the camera." Peter liked real women better than the tired strippers who were the usual fodder at that time. And he liked older women, too.
MICHELLE: What was Partner like?
Partner was before its time. It came out with an accompanying video every month, and of course it was a failure because not enough people had video decks in 1979. I was nominated to travel around the U.S. with fifty pounds of gear strapped to my shoulder, videotaping swinging housewives, topless bakers, swing clubs for the elderly ...
MICHELLE: So Partner was about real sex.
Right. The other highlight was naked celebrities ­ another of Peter's great ideas. Whenever we heard about a B movie in which a star appeared naked prior to becoming famous ­ let's say there was some tiny scene where Demi Moore flashed her breasts when she was eighteen ­ I'd contact the producer and say I was the president of his fan club. It was shocking to see how easy it was, if I played to the ego of an unsung producer, to get him to send a 35mm print at his own expense. Whenever one arrived, we'd buy a bottle of vodka, go into a cheap editing room on Times Square, cut out the piece we wanted with a pair of scissors, tape the film together again, and ship it back.
MICHELLE: Wasn't Peter one of the first pornographers to hire a female editor-in-chief?
Yes. When he started High Society, he put Gloria Leonard at the helm. His idea was that men want women to be interested in sex. He thought a lot of men would rather have a female editor who spoke to them directly, whose picture they could see, and who appeared to like sex the way they liked it ­ someone they could come back to see month after month, like a mistress. He was absolutely right. I used what I learned from him when I went to work at Leg Show
I do miss the old man.. Ill let you know how the book is

Friday, May 11, 2007

Rickey being Rickey

Everybody wants to hate on Rickey . Another article said he gave the foul ball to the kid. What has Rickey ever done to you? It would be great if he got signed by a team and that push his Hall of Fame induction got pushed back a couple years. For some reason my childhood idols like Reggie, Ricky, Barry get no love. This amazes me as people these days seem not to have any problems with the likes of Curt.

It is super depressing to think of how much a fan I was and how the reality of the economics of baseball and its consequences destroyed my love. I have heard the term recovering catholic. I think there has to be support groups for this too.

The big relay race is tommorrow. I am nervous as all hell. Up at 5k, in a van for 14 hours. run 3 times. Sound like fun? I have to find some better hobbies. Hopefully, I will remember a camera and post some photos soon.