Monday, February 04, 2008

Si se Puede

The new hampshire speech this song is based on may not even be his top five.


Fred said...

Obama has made it clear he will and can communicate with the enemies of our country ... that viewpoint has the potential to get and keep us out of war.

The ability to communicate in spite of reasons not to, this is the keystone of peace.

It is the skill of finding something worth talking about in times of extreme conflict, frozen negotiation or opposing, unrelenting intentions, which is the stuff we need.

Obama has a chance. Yes he can and yes we can.

410E9th said...

How do you like that John Legend Cameo in the video? Arent you are a fan of his? I got to get his stuff.

Fred said...

Yes, I liked the video a lot... Legend has some great songs and is an incredible artist. His web site has some good stuff.

I like too

I have a special love for songs and speeches about peace. has a few songs: A Dearm: this is one of my favorite contemporary peace songs ... also this one: (Where is the love) .

and Marvin Gay's

MLK is the guy I was taught to hate when I was a kid ... but he has the gift. I hope Obama can continue the work. I listen to this stuff when I become disenchanted or want to put things in perspective.

If the artists and socially-conscious peace loving people of my military times had not fought for stopping the war in Vietnam I would have got killed for sure! I was on that road. I was gearing up mentally to be a killer after I was drafted.

... because of the demonstrations and anti war movement ... the war was stopped a week before I was to ship out of boot camp to the war.

... a lot of people I did not know or understand made it possible for me to miss that war. Those artists and activists saved my life for sure.

When I got out of the military I could see I went nuts ... "war ready" crazy - first stage. Next stage would wave been to be successful at killing humans crazy and being a "survivor" ... then have fun at it and cherish the experience and glory. Then graduate into the "business is business" end of it and to being a republican. Then find other young people and send them to war so they can be all that they can be.

MLK's speech of "Why I am opposed to the war in Vietnam" has a good message for the war today.

I think I understand the young soldiers over in the war now ... they ramped themselves up "to do their part" ... once you are in the middle of that war mentality, that war machine, you have to roll with the game or die ... the troops need help in extracting themselves ...

... the world needs help in getting a new game going that does not include war to "survive".

On a lighter note .... have you listened to this artist "Keb Mo" His new album "Suitcase" is good blues music that will make you feel good and your woman love you... check it out ... you can play the entire album on line.