Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The year in (watching) movies.

Or a year in netflix(mostly)

New Moon was Ok; not very much different than the original. i wouldn't reccommend it. After all the buildup Tsotsi wasnt that good. The Narrows was bad, and that is taking into consideration I have a D'Onofrio thing.

Irreversible, a french flick starring Cassel and Belucci was above average but extremely disturbing. It is ranked on many lists as one of the top 10 disturbing films of all time. Precious was good but extremely disturbing; a whole differt type of disturbing. Star Trek(2009) was good. bruno was not good. Drag Me To Hell was not good; too bad for sam raimi. Pelham 123(2009) was ok; exceeded my weak expectations. Wings of Desire was ok but too long. I am not sure it needs to be on so many critics must see lists.

The Proposal was ok. The Best Years of Our Lives(1941) was boring. Grey Gardens (2009) was boring. Lost Horizon (1940?) was not good. I liked Run for your life; it is a documentary about NYC running clubs. Inglorious basards (1974) was bad.Grace is Gone is just Ok; blah, blah, melancholy melancholy.

Rabbit-proof fence was good; an interesting film on aboriginal resettlement in australia in the 1940s. duplicity was ok. Sin Nombre(El Salvador) was very good; extra points for being very good. Blood Diamond was good. Sugar (2008) was OK; a film about dominican baseball player coming trying to get in the major leagues.

Angel-A (German)was above average Religulous was Ok; expected more. Watchmen was OK; expected less Ty son(2008) was good. Paradise Now(Palestinian) was good; A good suicide bomb tale. The Tunnel(2001 German) was good but too long, way too long.

The International was OK. Repulsion(1965) was boring; I expected more. Encounters at the end of the World was very good; I guess I am getting more into herzog. Waltz with Bashir was good; animated israeli flick about 1980s war. Army of Shadows is good but too long; long subtitled dramas have to be exceptional for me to stay interested.
Shotgun Stories is just bad - and I usually get into to this type of stuff.La Haine was Ok. Vicky Cristina Barcelona was good. Coraline was very good; exceptional for fantasy flick, though, not for children.

Into the Wild was good. Taken is likeable garbage. The Happening is just garbage. I've Loved you so Long (french) is very Good. Rachel Getting Married is good; lead singer of TV on the radio is male lead. Defiance was mediocre.Zacha and Miri Make was not good. Nich and Norah was ok. Tropic Thunder was good. Frost/Nixon was good. Doubt was excellent; that meryl streep can act. Changeling was bad Frozen river was very good; highly reccommend it.

Tell No One (french) was good; extra points for foriegn. Daughter of Keltoum (algreria) was good. Miracle at St Anna was not good. Valker rie was disappointing. The Reader was ok. The Happening was crap. Nashville was interesting but not very good. Righteous Kill was as bad as everybody said Run Fatboy Run was not that funny. W was OK. Body of Lies was below average. Let the Right One( norway) was Ok but disappointing

Oldboy (Japan) was good and disturbing.
The Savages was good. Traitor was bad. Towelhead was OK. I am Trying to Break Your Heart was not Good. An Inconvenient Truth was good. He is Just Not That Into You was OK. Gran Torino was overrated and long. Lions for Lambs was boring and a waste of talent-- I usually like this type of dialogue driven script.

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raf_oh said...

Added Coraline, Sin Nombre, Encounters at the End of the World, and the Savages to my queue.

Glad to see we agree on Gran Torino; I thought Inglourious Basterds was good; Didn't know that was the TV on the Radio guy; thought Frost/Nixon was very good.